Realizations and References

Projects and applications of our Zhero system.

Integridy Project

InteGRIDy is the only European project born under Horizon 2020 with the aim of designing and developing innovative platforms aimed at modernizing and improving the efficiency of the electricity grid.
UNE Srl was chosen with the Zhero system to contribute to the development of the pilot project of San Severino Marche, one of the so-called "large-scale" InteGRIDy projects. It is no coincidence that Zhero received the prestigious "Seal of Excellence" issued by the European Community as part of the Horizon 2020 program.


It is a passive house and mobile building, flexible and energetically independent, designed to ensure physical, environmental, energy and biophilic performance never conceived before. It produces 8000kWh/ year but requires only 2000 to maintain its comfort at the highest level.

Inside this living module, the energy produced by photovoltaic panels is managed by the ZHERO system. Thanks to its ability to store and manage intelligently the flow of energy produced, Zhero plays a decisive role in achieving one of the main objectives of the initiative: It emphasize how psychophysical wellbeing is the result of the harmony created between the man and the habitat in which he lives and demonstrate the possibility of achieving energy autonomy everywhere even in different geographical contexts.

The Biosphera 3.0 project focuses on the relationship between building envelope and physiology, with the aim of demonstrating how thermoacoustic insulation, the absence of thermal bridges and air infiltration, the balance of heat exchange man-environment, uniformity-Constancy of surface temperature, air quality, acoustic and visual comfort are all decisive factors in raising the level of psychophysical well-being of man.

Mountain refuges revolutionized by a New Energy

In off-grid mode, ZHERO system  allows the ideal management of buildings that operate in distinctive climatic conditions or particularly heavy, such as mountain huts. We remember that, in addition to the higher quality permormance and durability that are typical of this technology, one of the features that make ZHERO unique is its backup system: the energy flow stored and maintained can be used whenever the withdrawal of energy from the public grid is impossible. The autonomous management of the flow and destination of the energy produced are combined with maximum safety, no waste, optimization of consumption and operation even at very low temperatures. (-10°C / +40°C with battery life expectancy of 20 years).

Mont Blanc - 3kWp system Consisting of 1 storage salt batteries 8 kWh
RIFUGIO PONTI - Valtellina System 9 kWp Consisting of 3 salt batteries Storage 23.5kWh
COURMAYEUR -BIOSPHERA 2.0 - Traveling housing module 2 kWp system Consisting of 3 salt batteries Total capacity 7.7kWh
OMIO REFUGE - Valtellina 2 kWp system Consisting of 2 salt batteries Total capacity 20kWh
RELAIS FRANCIACORTA - Traveling housing module 2 kWp system Consisting of 1 salt batteries Total capacity 7.7kWh

Project in Africa

ESI is the Italian company that operates in the renewable energy sector. It has signed a contract for the development of an off-grid photovoltaic system that will be installed in the municipal market of Gitaza, 30 km from Bujumbara, in Burundi.

The market, consisting of more than 120 business premises, is an important resource for the local community that will have the opportunity to access illuminated and refrigerated premises for their daily work activities.. The plant, characterized by a nominal photovoltaic power of 54 kwp, is powered through an innovative technology in the field of off-grid systems, that is to say a storage system with 100 kWh FZSoNick sodium batteries.

With the use of this technology for storage (accumulation), ESI has now expanded its experience, with reference to photovoltaic systems made by the same, not only the use of Lithium technology, Lead GEL, Carbon Lead, Iridium-Vanadium, but also sodium technology. The design and construction of the plant will be the responsibility of the years 2020/2021. UNE Srl wins the ninth edition of the Premio Impresa Ambiente with the Burundi project in the category "Best International Cooperation for Sustainable Development" where it explicitly speaks of the Zhero system with salt technology.

Clams collection system

This is the first video of the totally electric clam collection system produced by UNE with the sodium battery.

As you can see and hear it is totally soundproof and odourless.

They are in the open sea and enjoy the environment.

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