Who is UNE?

It’s an engineering company that was born to achieve a very ambitious goal: to reduce harmful emissions through the production of intelligent energy solutions.

UNE History

The company was born from the determination of the founders to be able to achieve energy autonomy from the public grid through an innovative storage system, environmentally friendly and with a lifetime guarantee against explosions, fire and toxic gases.

The target has been reached and it is called: “ZHERO”.

It is not a coincidence that UNE is the acronym of Universal, meaning that all ZHERO storage systems can be installed anywhere, in the high mountains or in the desert, without the aid of a support from the power grid.


Because ZHERO systems are environmentally friendly as they are totally recyclable, without disposal costs and non-polluting


Because precisely through the use of ZHERO storage systems, you can achieve energy independence from the public grid by consuming your own

It is important to note that the Zhero system has received the prestigious award “Seal of Excellence” in the field of innovation and research from the European Community along with other important awards, as we will see below.

Our research and development department is constantly engaged in the study of new solutions for stimulating challenges of the near future.

Start your revolution energy now.

Imagine a world where we no longer pay energy bills because we produce our own energy. You can with us!